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Who Benefits From Farmers Markets?

On my last trip to the farmers market, I spent $20 on a few peaches and a personal watermelon. The fruit was untouchable, but didn’t get me through the weekend (It was that good). I felt good about my decision to support local business and to buy fruit that was in season, but I couldn’t help but feel elite. The atmosphere makes me feel like I’m not only supporting local companies but that I’m better than everyone who isn’t.

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Starting OCaml

A few weeks ago I listened to a talk that really got me curious about OCaml. OCaml is a programming language I saw and kind of shrugged off many times in the past. Not because there is anything wrong with the language, just because it doesn’t (at least not overtly) play in any of the domains I play in.

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Deezer Review

I’ve been using Deezer for 3 months now and I feel like I have a handle on the service and can give it a complete review. I broke the review down into components and then provided my overall assessment of the platform below.

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