Remembering Moesha


Last weekend I went on a brief road trip and created a playlist of jams from my early days. Among those was the Brandy & Monica song “The Boy is Mine.” I’m not even embarrassed about remembering many of the lyrics to the song, nor recalling a lot of the music video.

Once the song came on I was instantly reminded that Brandy was a star in the show “Moesha” on UPN back in the early 2000’s.


Moesha is a peculiar name, not all too different than my own and I wondered how popular the name was among U.S. baby names. Fortunately, this data was easy to get and it looks like the name isn’t popular anymore. Even when it was popular, It’s not like thousands of people were naming their kid Moesha:

My goal is to submit a reality show to BET in hopes that my name can become popular.